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We link clients to a complete technology ecosystem, including USSD solutions, bulk SMS, e-ticketing, mobile marketing, and mobile payments.

Who We Are

M-Fama is a technology company that directly links clients to entire ecosystem that is required to source, produce, distribute, sell, scale produce and services. Through M-FAMA clients adopt technologies such USSD solutions, bulk sms, e-ticketing, mobile marketing, mobile payments

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Our missions

Every day, we strive to empower millions of clients in East Africa with innovative tech systems to make profits.

Empower businesses and corporations

Our core objective is to offer robust systems and platforms that help transform innovative ideas into resilient and successful businesses. By providing the necessary technological infrastructure and support, we aim to empower entrepreneurs and corporations to thrive in the competitive market.

Foster seamless customer connections

We strive to deliver mobile technology solutions that bridge the gap between customers, producers, and intermediaries. Through our cutting-edge platforms, we aim to create efficient and effective communication channels, enabling businesses to better understand and cater to their customers' needs, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Drive economic growth and efficiency

Our primary goal is to contribute to overall economic growth by facilitating streamlined operations and interactions within the business ecosystem. By providing accessible and scalable mobile technology solutions, we aim to boost productivity, optimize resource utilization, and drive efficiency across various industries, leading to sustainable economic development.


Comprehensive technology solutions encompassing USSD, bulk SMS, e-ticketing, mobile marketing, mobile payments, and scalable product development.

USSD Solutions:

M-Fama provides cutting-edge USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) solutions, enabling clients to offer interactive and real-time services to their customers through a simple and user-friendly menu on any mobile device. With USSD technology, businesses can facilitate transactions, provide customer support, conduct surveys, and deliver important information, reaching a wide audience without requiring internet connectivity.

Bulk SMS Services:

Reach your target audience instantly and effectively with M-Fama's bulk SMS services. Our platform allows clients to send personalized messages, promotional offers, event reminders, and important updates to a large number of recipients simultaneously. With easy customization and real-time delivery reports, businesses can enhance customer engagement and communication efficiency

E-Ticketing Solutions:

Simplify the ticketing process and boost event management with M-Fama's comprehensive e-ticketing solutions. Our platform enables seamless ticket purchase, event registration, and access control for various types of events, including concerts, conferences, sports events, and more. With secure payment processing and customizable ticketing options, event organizers can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for attendees..

Mobile Marketing Strategies:

Stay ahead in the competitive market with M-Fama's mobile marketing strategies. Our team of experts will help design and implement targeted mobile marketing campaigns to reach potential customers directly on their mobile devices. From SMS marketing and push notifications to location-based advertising, we leverage the power of mobile technology to drive brand awareness, customer acquisition, and overall business growth.

Mobile Payments Solutions:

Facilitate seamless and secure transactions with M-Fama's mobile payments solutions. Our platform enables clients to accept mobile payments, providing customers with convenient options for making purchases or settling bills through their smartphones. With robust security features and support for multiple payment methods, businesses can offer a seamless checkout experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Scalable Product and Service Development:

M-Fama's comprehensive ecosystem extends beyond technology solutions to assist clients in sourcing, producing, and scaling products and services. Our expert team provides guidance and support throughout the development process, leveraging market insights and industry trends to ensure clients' offerings are competitive and scalable. From product ideation to market launch, M-Fama is your trusted partner in turning ideas into successful and sustainable ventures.

Contributing Factors to our mission

We have tapped the power of the mobile phone and internet growth to create an ecosystem of all players required to make a business to thrive.

M-FAMA is our innovative technology tool that brings together all stakeholders a business needs in an app. Through an easy to use USSD, APP or Web each user has his ecosystem at his finger tips who include seed suppliers, researchers, intermediaries, consumers and logistics to take produce to consumers.

We plan to channel $1m support profitable agriculture systems by transforming small scale rural farmers into resilient agribusinesses and agriculture SMES who generate incomes and reduce rural poverty;

We project to fight hunger, malnutrition and poverty, by seeking USD 500,000 in grant financing to farmers to adopt the technology; We further seek to avail USD 500,000 in private financing to agribusinesses and agriculture SMEs to access markets.

We are delighted to introduce our valued partners, instrumental in driving our technological innovation and creating a powerful ecosystem for business empowerment and customer connectivity

Safaricom PLC

Barzi Marketing for USSD and App developer

Kimica Fish Farm exporters;



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Mobile Technology Solutions by M-Fama Create Seamless Customer Connections M-Fama's mobile technology solutions are revolutionizing customer engagement and fostering stronger connections between consumers, producers, and intermediaries. By implementing their innovative platforms, businesses can now understand their customers' preferences more accurately and tailor offerings accordingly. With the seamless integration of mobile marketing, e-ticketing, and mobile payments, M-Fama's solutions are setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in the market.

M-Fama's Impact on Economic Growth Recognized by Industry Experts Leading economists and industry experts are acknowledging the significant role played by M-Fama in driving economic growth and efficiency. The company's mobile technology solutions have paved the way for increased productivity, resource optimization, and streamlined operations across various sectors. By connecting clients to a comprehensive ecosystem, M-Fama is fostering an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation, positioning businesses for sustainable success in an ever-evolving market.

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